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Since the release of our haptic design software, as you already know, we have been communicating the applications of its functions around our haptic vest, Skinetic, but this was never the limit of our vision. That's why we want to share with you today that Unitouch Studio welcomes a new device that will open up various possibilities for integrating haptic technology into different devices. How? Well, let's get to it.

First of all, let us talk to you about the device. As a company expert in haptics, we wanted to provide a solution to make haptic integration affordable, seamless, and high-quality results in no time. That's how our team developed the HSD mk.II, the updated version of our HSD mk.I  the world's first compact board able to stream 20 channels of high-definition haptics. With this prototyping device, users and companies can bring their multi-sensory projects to life by adapting the technology to their devices quickly. 

With its flexibility and high-quality results, the HSD mk.II has great potential, but one of the obstacles our customers often faced was creating haptic designs that matched their vision. Here is where Unitouch Studio comes on stage!

Unitouch Studio new features

For users to better understand the distribution of the actuators according to the device to be integrated and correct spatialization of the effects, the team designed and implemented a new interface option.

The interface will now display a list of different view reference options showing the sketch of products on which the integration could be performed. For now, the interface will offer the reference of Skinetic, a seat, a human body (making reference to other wearables), and at last, an option without a view reference so that you can focus on the actuators. 

Once the display reference is selected, you can rearrange the 20 actuators according to the product. These will be as default adapted for the Skinetic Vest, but can be easily changed by editing their X, Y & Z position. Note that you can choose the number of actuators to use.

Unitouch Studio New Interface

Once you have finished, you can now start working on your design! The good news is that all the standard functions set up for Skinetic in actuator mode are now available for HSD mk.II. It means you can also access the extensive library of over 200 sensations!

HSD mk.II Firmware update

A firmware update is required to make the HSD mk.II compatible with the Unitouch software suite. When upgrading the device, it will be recognized by the Unitouch Studio and enable a smooth rendering of the haptic design.

Note that the HSD mk.II can still be recognized as an Audio Streaming Device, which means that you can preserve or enable its original features for use in your own solution. 

Now that you know all about the new updates, are you ready to get to work and create innovative devices and exceptional immersive experiences in no time? 

We invite you to download the new version of Unitouch Studio and (if you have it already) update your HSD mk.II and test the new features! To learn how to use all the tools of Unitouch Studio in the Actuator -mode, take a look at the Unitouch Studio Tutorials - stay tuned! 

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