Real-life sensations, for unique virtual experiences

The Skinetic vest allows you to simultaneously touch, see and hear all events occurring in virtual reality: live and direct, true-to-life sensations!
Live an incomparable experience by feeling every interaction and your VR environment.

State-of-the-art haptic technology

Experience a unique haptic technology

High-definition haptics
Low latency
Hygienic integration
Ergonomic design

Optimal sensitivity for maximum immersion

The Skinetic vest is equipped with 20 highly innovative voice-coil motors all over the torso capable of providing a wide variety of tactile sensations.
To map the tactile feedback points in the skinetic design, we studied the sensitivity of the human body to optimize the perception and the feeling of the effects in the game

An ergonomic design

Gender neutral &

  • 6 adjustables points for height and width balancing
  • Stretchable textile for body morphology adaptation

Easy and quick
to put on

The jacket slips on and adjusts easily on its own in less than 1 min.

mesh lining

Interchangeable & Washable

The software Unitouch

Intuitive tools tailored for XR developers

RENDERER: Unitouch Engine

Get real-time HD haptic rendering for your application.
Unitouch Engine is made to ease the integration of vibrotactile haptics for games and XR through procedural haptic generation.Available for Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

CONTENT: Unitouch Library

Do not start to design HD haptics from scratch.
We bring you Unitouch Library, a collection of samples and synthesizers tailored for vibrotactile feedbacks, made to ease the design of immersive interactions.

DESIGN TOOL: Unitouch Designer

Tired of designing static samples ?
The Unitouch Designer allows you to create haptic effects through a graph editing user interface.
Explore, edit and preview your design on compatible hardware.

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