Beyond vibrations, a unique sensory experience.

Skinetic is the ultimate haptic vest for creators looking to push the boundaries of sensory experience and take their work to the next level.
Whether you're a game developer, training professional, or an artist, Skinetic can help you create more engaging and immersive content that connects with your audience in a profound and unforgettable way.

So why settle for a traditional, one-dimensional experience?

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Gaming & XR

With its integrated high-definition haptic technology,
Skinetic creates a visceral connection to the game that
simply cannot be achieved through visuals and audio alone.

Feel a wide range of tactile sensations that correspond to
in-game events such as explosions, gunshots, and impacts.

Skinetic enables gamers to live a more immersive gaming experience.


Skinetic allows professionals to simulate real-world scenarios
and practice skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Multi-sensory training in XR environments help professionals
improve their skills in a way that traditional training methods can't match.

Culture & Music

Skinetic provides a deeper connection for the visitors,
making the exhibition more memorable and impactful.

Enhance your music listening experiences by feeling
the rhythm and bass of the music with Skinetic.

A truly unique multi-sensory experience.


Skinetic creates an unparalleled sensory experience
that is sure to engage and captivate spectators.

Feel the rumble of an explosion , motions of a race car,
or the aura of magical spells.

Beyond cinema, live the action.


Vintage computer


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Use any PCVR system with Skinetic.
Person wearing a heaset

Mobile Platforms

Standalone VR HMDs

  • Meta Quest 2 & Pro: USB and Bluetooth
  • Pico 4: USB and Bluetooth
  • HTC Focus 3: Bluetooth

Mobile & Tablets

  • Android
VR art

Professional VR

  • Modern VR infrastructures in Location-Based Entertainment spaces relies on streaming capabilities of the headset through Wi-Fi 4. 

    Skinetic will easily fit in such an infrastructure.

Made to fit you.

People wering Skinetic

Gender neutral &

With its 6 adjustable points, Skinetic offers a versatile and comfortable fit for everyone.


Easy and quick
to put on

Start to enjoy a wide range of sensations in less than a minute, with Skinetic simple and intuitve design.

Washable mesh lining

mesh lining

Skinetic includes an interchangeable and washable mesh lining. Easy to remove and clean, it makes Skinetic a practical choice for use in shared settings.

The technology inside.



  • One size fits all: from XS to XXL
  • Weight 2.4Kg
  • 6x fitting point on shoulders and sides for width and height adjustement.


  • 20 Wideband Voice-Coil Motors
    [30Hz / 1000Hz]


  • Up to 8 hours of use in standard conditions.
  • 65Wh battery
  • Charge in 3 hours with a 45W USB charger (not included).



  • Plug and play with your computer and any PCVR system, or direcly with a Pico 4 or Meta Quest 2 and Pro

WIRELESS/Bluetooth 5.1

  • Pair Skinetic to your Computer, Phone (Android) or a Standalone VR HMD and you're ready to go.


  • Connect Skinetic to your Wi-Fi using the Skinetic Hub. This software will help you configure your network parameters and drive it remotely.


Unitouch Studio Logo

Intuitive tools tailored for creators and developers.

We know that it’s not easy for game studios to integrate haptics on their own.

Along with the Skinetic vest itself, we designed a complete haptic software solution to help designers and developers create immersive experiences.

Are you a developer, a studio or a company and interested in Skinetic Development Kit and our SDK?

Do not hesitate to know more about it.

Unitouch SDK Logo

Integrate Skinetic

Designing haptic is not the end, once your done with your effects,
Export and Integrate it in your content to be used with our SDK.

Unitouch SDK is available as a Unity3D & Unreal Engine plugin.

Note: To acquire the SDK just fill out the form to request it. Our team will send it to you shortly.

Skinetic Hub Logo

Enjoy a wireless Skinetic experience

Configure your network settings and connect Skinetic to WIFI 4 in no time.

Also, be sure to enjoy the latest upgrades of Skinetic by updating its firmware through the hub.

The Skinetic Hub is compatible with Windows

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