Skinetic: Creators Edition

Get everything to know about Skinetic Creators Edition and how to use it.

Skinetic Hub

The central platform for managing your haptic experiences.
Software & Documentation

Configure and update your vest.


- Firmware Update: Setup your Skinetic Vest to the latest firmware version.

- WiFi Setup: Configure your vest to connect to your WiFi network.

Unitouch Studio

All the tools you need to get your hand on Skinetic. Take your projects to a next level of immersion.

A desktop application to create haptic patterns for Skinetic's devices.

What's new ?


- Shape-based Design: Set your design in motion with 3D shapes, it allows an easy design of spatial haptic feedback which can be then modified with transformations in runtime in your production.

- Boost: Amplify the pattern intensity by adjusting the boost level of the effect.

- Start Menu: New start menu to guide you in our application

- Custom Devices: Beyond Skinetic, allows you to load a custom layout for your own compatible device. Note, only Skinetic and HSD mk.II are for now compatible. Exemple and associated documentation is available here.


- UI & UX Improvements: Many modifications of the UI to improve the usability of the application and your experience during the design of haptics.

Skinetic SDK

Get started using our tools and devices with guides, manuals and other documentations.

Skinetic's Software Development Kit provides the right tool to integrate Skinetic's devices into your projects.

Library for C/C++ and C#

Get Skinetic SDK for your beloved game engine.

Unity3D Plugin
For versions 2019 and later
Unreal Engine Plugin
For versions 4.24 to 5.2

What's new ?


- Global Boost: The boost increase the overall intensity of all haptic effects.
- Pattern and Effect Boost: Each instance has its own boost value using the default Pattern boost, which can be overridden on play.
- Transformation: Shape-based patterns can be transformed on play by passing three additional parameters: height translation, heading rotation and tilting rotation.
- Spatial Inversion and Addition: An effect can be triggered with right/left, up/down and front/back inversion or addition.
- Effect Accumulation strategy: A fallback-pattern feature to alleviate haptic confusion.


- Stop Fadeout: Remove any duration limitation to allow longer fadeout.
- Number of simultaneous playing simultaneous samples increased to 10: compatible with the Skinetic firmware 1.1.3 or higher.


- Boost are now scaled by the volume envelop of the samples

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