The new version of Unitouch Studio: 1.2.0 have been released. This new version will bring you a smoother and more intuitive way to develop your haptic design in no time! Find the new features and various fixes on the platform below:

New Features:

- Non-admin user installation.

- Enhanced timeline navigation with shortcuts like Home and End keys.

- Multisample selection, volume adjustments, and cropping capabilities.

- Improved haptic track management.

- Email login and Google login with a loading animation.

- Compatibility checks with previously saved versions.

- Intuitive sliders for volume control and keyframe addition with the "k" keystroke.

- Improved Undo/Redo system using the Command pattern.

- Mixpanel integration for tracking and analytics.

Notable Fixes:

- Enhanced right-click functionality and waypoint selection.

- Accurate sample duration calculations and large sample handling.

- Proper deletion of selected waypoints and prevention of overlapping crops.

- macOS-related fixes, including backspace key functionality and double Copy/Paste elimination.

- Improved file loading and handling, including .spn files.

- Updated cursor display and other visual improvements.

Download the new version now!

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