We want to start by thanking all of you who have supported and trusted us since the beginning of this project. Although we have been silent for the past few months, our team has always continued working to offer you the most immersive experiences with Skinetic. We have been showcasing the vest at different events worldwide and getting to know you too! We sincerely thank you for your feedback about your experience with the vest, this has allowed us to keep improving.

During this time, our efforts have been recognized, Skinetic was named as one of TIME's Best innovations 2022 and as a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree.

Thanks to your feedback, we understand different key points to improve the user experience with Skinetic. One of the common comments we identified were (1) the necessity of wireless communication and (2) the vest compatibility with the different VR HMDs on the market.

Making Skinetic wireless was the first challenge we faced, as its wired version allows a fast flow of all the information from the PC allowing it to produce  HD haptic effects. In the end, we had to be practical and decided to embed 50 sensations in the vest. This allows a smaller load of information that can easily be triggered via Bluetooth, giving the users the opportunity to feel a collection of tactile sensations accurately and wirelessly. Currently our team is also working on enabling the WIFI connection and it is planned to be available in April 2023, being an update that will be easily downloadable in the vest.

In matters of compatibility, we talked to developers and studios and we were able to identify that integrating haptics into their experiences can be an arduous task. Being a company specialized in haptics we can understand the challenges of achieving HD haptic effects that are far from being a single buzz.

Thus, we decided to develop a tool that allows developers and studios to create highly immersive experiences painlessly with incredible and immediate results. That's how the “Skinetic Creator’s edition” was born. This is a complete haptic solution that offers the vest as hardware and Unitouch Studio as software with a simple design workflow, making it easy to explore and reproduce the list of ready-to-use effects or create new ones.

As a result, we now have a solution that makes haptics available to everyone and improves  the workflow of studios, developers, and designers for creating native content with the vest. The content developed will be compatible with all the connectivity features of our vest.

By January 2023 the “Skinetic Creator’s edition” will be available, firstly focused on developers and studios while the vest certification for consumer distribution is ready. With this roadmap, we aim to develop content for Skinetic while the first batch has the approval to be delivered to users worldwide!

We will keep you updated  about the Unitouch ecosystem and some of the new upgrades of Skinetic. We deeply thank you once more for your patience and for believing in us. We are working as hard as ever to bring to your hands the best possible haptic experiences with the Skinetic! Stay tuned.

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