One of the most prestigious events in innovation, GITEX Global will open its doors next October 16-20, at the Dubai World Trade Center. This event will welcome visitors from around the world seeking to discover the life-changing technologies of tomorrow. Among the exhibitors will be Actronika, offering its haptic solutions and the haptic vest, Skinetic, that bridges the gap between human and machine interactions to achieve a better immersive user experience.

Innovations and technologies are transforming our world at a dizzying pace. These advances are changing the way we live and communicate with each other. Therefore, it is crucial not to fear change and immerse yourself in new technologies. Adapting to them has become essential for companies to meet their customers' needs effectively.

Events are often the ideal places to learn about the companies, startups and entities that are revolutionizing the world. One of the most prominent events in the field of technology and startups is GITEX Global, which will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from October 16th - 20th. At this event, people from all over the world come together to connect, collaborate and innovate.

Among the companies participating in this edition is Actronika, a startup specializing in haptic technology, which focuses on the science of the sense of touch, a fundamental part of immersive technologies. Actronika's haptic solutions promise to transform the way people interact with user interfaces by providing high-definition haptic feedback.

Actronika has worked on a variety of projects in diverse industries, including automotive, luxury, marketing, education, smart cities and culture, among others. Its flagship product is the Skinetic haptic vest, which has captured the market's attention by offering immersive digital experiences, allowing users to "feel" the virtual world with more than 200 high-definition sensations.

Imagine being able to feel the strong ocean waves brushing against your body, the calm breeze in a tropical island or the thrilling feeling of sitting behind the wheel of a race car… The possibilities are endless. 

Skinetic has received outstanding recognition, including being named to TIME Magazine's Best Inventions, a CES 2023 innovation Award Honoree and most recently being nominated as a finalist in the hardware category of the VR Awards. This device offers a wide range of applications, not only to enhance gaming experiences, but also in areas such as marketing, advertising, cultural centers such as museums, entertainment, training, education, wellness and accessibility, and much more.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities of haptic technology and experience immersion with the Skinetic vest, we invite you to visit us at the European Pavilion Booth H1 - A1 (booth #1).

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