Welcome to the second update of the Skinetic Creator’s Edition. In this section, we will be telling you about the new features of the vest that comprise its design and hardware.

Originally, the Skinetic vest was designed in collaboration with Les Vertugadins, a Parisian design studio that helped us to achieve the most ergonomic design possible. We ended up with 7 handmade vests able to adapt to all kinds of body types providing immersive virtual experiences to everyone!

While Les Vertugadins did a great job making this iconic vest that you already know, unfortunately, we had to find other solutions to meet the industrial purposes, since it was complicated and time-consuming for higher volume production to keep manufacturing the vests manually. That's how we decided to adapt the vest to this new challenge and to meet your expectations... don't worry, its cool essence remains.

Starting with the design, we took into account different matters: colors, comfort, and the adjustment system. Aiming for a more homogeneous and elegant appearance, we dived into darker gray colors, and we kept a more minimalist version of the logo.

We also understood that the material of the vest was not flexible enough, and even though the adjustment system was easy and fast, we knew we could do even better. Comfort is important not just for users, but also for other actors like LBEs who aim to provide a good experience to their customers. To this end, first, we improved the material’s flexibility to make it more comfortable when bending in different positions.

Second, we replaced the velcro buckles of the laterals with elastic laces to improve the wearing time while keeping the one-size-fits-all of the vest. With just an easy pull, the vest adjusts perfectly to your body for a better appreciation of the sensations.

To not worry about any power supply, we redesigned the electronics of the vest to be powered using a battery. Thus, allowing you to have about 7 hours of activity!

When redesigning the vest, we not only aimed to improve your experience with it, but also to achieve an affordable vest. Since our actuators are much more expensive to produce than others, we tested different actuators from other suppliers. Finally, we found a solution that does not compromise the unique quality of Skinetic's sensations.

This way, we achieved to have a vest design that meets your expectations and simplifies its industrialization.

Thank you for staying tuned with us! Over the next week, expect more updates covering everything you need to know about the vest before launch.

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