Actronika unveils a haptic vest that creates extremely realistic tactile sensations during VR experiences. The user can feel each and every interaction within the virtual environment just as in reality.

Currently, VR headsets can transport users to fantastic new worlds thanks to amazing audio and life-like visuals, but the experience cannot be truly immersive because it is missing a key sense: the sense of touch.  

The haptic vest offered by Actronika revolutionizes VR by letting the user feel life-like sensations of every action and interaction within the virtual world. For gaming or training, it enables a totally immersive experience - the user can feel every raindrop in a rainstorm, fire while rushing along a burning building, wind when standing near a cliff edge, bullets during an intense war game and so much more ….

Innovative haptic technology for maximum immersion

The design of the vest was developed in collaboration with the Parisian workshop Les Vertugadins and integrates 20 high-definition, patented voice coil haptic motors which can be controlled individually.

Spread over the entire torso, the positions of the haptic motors were selected based on rigorous testing led by Claire Richard, one of the key researchers working in the Actronika team, to identify the optimum areas of vibrotactile perception. 

An accessory mainly intended for arcades and VR studios

Initially, Skinetic is mainly aimed at arcades and virtual reality studios. 

To meet their needs, the accessory has been designed to fit all types of people thanks to 6 adjustment points and to be put on and adjusted quickly. It also has an interchangeable and washable lining. 

Intuitive tools designed for games and virtual experiences developers

Along with Skinetic, Actronika also provides Unitouch, a complete haptic platform to help developers create immersive experiences. 

Unitouch includes a haptic rendering engine to facilitate the integration of vibrotactile haptics in games and augmented reality, a collection of pre-designed tactile effects to help design immersive interactions and a tool to design their own haptic sensations. 

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