The haptic vest Skinetic, developed by the Parisian startup Actronika, has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious VR Awards in the "VR Hardware of the Year" category.

The VR Awards serves as a hub for recognizing and celebrating achievements in the field of Virtual Reality (VR). It brings together global leaders in the development of immersive technologies and experiences. Managed by the independent Board of Directors of the Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR), this event highlights finalists who have made significant contributions in various categories, including education, marketing, training, social impact, hardware, experience, and more.

AIXR, known as the Academy of International Extended Reality, is a global community of immersive technologies that focuses on connecting various specialized stakeholders in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Its goal is to create opportunities for international connection, influence, and development in the field of immersive technologies, promoting recognition and awareness of these technologies worldwide.

The Skinetic Vest: A New Dimension in Digital Experiences

Many of us grew up enjoying science fiction movies like "Ready Player One," where a future was envisioned in which the possibility of living immersive experiences, almost indistinguishable from reality. Today, thanks to advances in immersive technologies like haptic technology known as the science of the sense of touch, we are closer than ever to turning this vision into reality

While current experiences offer stunning visual and auditory effects that immerse users in fantastic worlds, there is still a gap that prevents us from exploring their full immersive potential. This is where haptic technology plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between users and immersive interactions in digital worlds.

Actronika, a Parisian startup specialized in haptic technology, has stood out for developing vibrotactile haptic feedback capable of recreating remarkably realistic tactile illusions. Based on this technology and with a bold vision to take immersive experiences to a new level, they have brought the Skinetic Haptic Vest to life and one of the finalists in the 7th edition of the VR awards in the VR hardware of the year category.

The Skinetic Vest: Total Immersion and Versatility

The Skinetic Vest sets itself apart from competitors by allowing users to interact with digital worlds like never before, offering an ergonomic fit. The vest features 6 adjustment points, allowing it to adapt to various morphologies in no time. The real magic lies in its 20 vibrotactile actuators that provide complete torso coverage and deliver a wide variety of more than 200 sensations that closely resemble reality.

Contrary to what many may think, the potential of the Skinetic Vest goes beyond the realm of video games. Imagine experiencing art from a new perspective by being able to feel the scenes depicted, participating in multisensory marketing campaigns, enhancing military and defense training experiences, or introducing new interactive education modalities. These are just examples of the vast applications it offers.

 Skinetic not only provides unique experiences but also serves as a tool for individuals and businesses to create personalized experiences tailored to their specific needs. How does it achieve this? Actronika has also developed haptic design software called Unitouch Studio, compatible with Skinetic that facilitates the easy and rapid creation of haptic experiences. Thanks to its comprehensive set of tools for detailed control of actuators and effects, as well as its extensive library of over 200 high-definition haptic sensations ready for use, the process of designing haptic experiences becomes user-friendly and efficient.

VR Awards Winners

To get to know the various companies and projects shaping Virtual Reality experiences, explore the list of finalists in the different categories of the VR Awards. Join us in celebrating the excellence in the world of Virtual Reality and discover those who are taking digital immersion to new heights. You can find out the winners in the different categories in the celebration of the seventh edition of the VR Awards on November 30th at De Doelen in the heart of Rotterdam.

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