INO VR and Actronika's Skinetic have teamed up to provide the ultimate VR training experience. The Skinetic haptic vest is seamlessly integrated into the Shift valise by INO VR, offering a comprehensive VR equipment kit. This all-in-one solution is ideal for companies across various sectors, including education, defense, aeronautics, and public administration, aiming to enhance their training exercises.

Since the introduction of specialized hardware offering unique experiences in digital and immersive environments, a window has opened to opportunities beyond mere entertainment. These technologies have transcended their initial function of enhancing gaming experiences to become cutting-edge tools that elevate performance and precision in actions carried out in the digital world. Leading companies like INO VR have recognized these technologies' potential and explored new ways to apply them in the business world. One of the most promising fields is training and professional development.

Who is INO VR?

To facilitate the adoption of immersive technologies in business activities, INO VR was founded in 2017. Leveraging their expertise, the team simplifies the adoption process by carefully selecting devices tailored to each client's needs, offering them in customizable kits such as cases. These kits include essential elements, optionally paired with a VR-Ready laptop or in the case of the innovative Shift, it is an all-in-one portable solution patented by INO VR featuring integrated computer within the case itself, alongside perfectly fitted storage for VR hardware.

Beyond equipment selection, INO VR offers consulting to advise on best practices and provides installation services along with comprehensive staff training. This ensures that customers get the most out of immersive technologies, fostering evolution and improvement in a variety of sectors, including defense, education, government, nuclear power, and aeronautics. The company's mission is to facilitate the deployment of XR solutions for professionals by supporting them before, during and after their project.

About the Collaboration with Skinetic by Actronika.

Skinetic, the haptic vest developed by Actronika, is a device that allows users to feel more than 200 sensations in high definition. By providing such detailed haptic feedback, it transforms conventional virtual reality experiences into immersive experiences close to reality. With a wide range of use cases in different industries, the professional training sector is one of the standout applications. That is why we have joined forces with the INO VR team to support their mission of making professional training in various sectors of companies an easy and high-quality activity.

As the first high-definition haptic hardware offered in its kit, users and companies will benefit not only from the level of immersion offered by Skinetic but also from the haptic design software, Unitouch Studio to create their own experiences that best suit their needs, quickly and easily thanks to its intuitive tools and extensive library of ready-to-use sensations.

The Skinetic vest will be included in the Shift by INO VR the virtual reality suitcase containing a powerful computer-integrated, VR headset, accessories, and now the Skinetic vest. It is completely customizable according to the client's specific requests, among the various products available on the INO VR website to meet their needs.

What do haptics bring to training?

Haptic technology in virtual reality training in a professional environment not only allows for creating more interactive and realistic learning experiences but also provides a safe environment for employees to explore and perfect their skills. By accurately simulating real-world situations, it enables users to better prepare for real challenges. Additionally, by reducing the need for costly and limited in-person training, companies can save significant resources in the long run.

Learn more about the INO VR Shift X Skinetic by Actronika

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