Atomic Digital Design, the AR Marketing Expert, brought together the haptic technology of the Skinetic vest by Actronika with the sharp visuals of Magic Leap’s AR Glasses, achieving a unique multi-sensory marketing experiences.

Marketing experiences have evolved a lot. We are talking about going from printed advertisements and TV commercials to offering immersive experiences that capture consumers' attention for greater engagement.

Who is Atomic Digital Design?

Among the companies revolutionizing this sector, a team has taken advantage of their cinema, animation, fashion, entertainment, culture, sports, and video game expertise to create unforgettable AR marketing experiences: Atomic Digital Design. Since 2012, they have created immersive marketing campaigns in different industries, such as luxury, social media platforms, events, and more!

About the collaboration with Actronika 

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with this amazing team to bring one of their immersive marketing projects to life. Combining the HD haptic sensations of our haptic vest, Skinetic, and the sharp visuals of the AR glasses of Magic Leap, they achieved the world's first experience of this kind! The result was a multi-sensory and immersive experience that led users to enjoy captivating and engaging narratives like never before! Whether to promote movies, events, or products... 

Watch the marketing immersive experience demo here

What does haptics bring to the marketing industry?

Nowadays, immersive experiences provide great visual and hearing effects, but one of the key senses missing is the sense of touch. When people can interact physically with these digital experiences, they can evoke different emotions that lead to building bonds with the brand.

Companies are now joining the wave of immersive technologies, and haptic feedback is no exception. High-definition haptics provide another layer of realism to this immersive experience through the sense of touch, creating unique and unforgettable multi-sensory experiences.

Discover more haptic integration possibilities

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