Skinetic, the haptic vest developed by the French start-up Actronika, specializing in haptics, has been awarded a Special Mention in the "Retail & Trade Solutions" category by the German Innovation Award.

The German Innovation Award is hosted by the Rat für Formgebung (Germany Design Council), which selects and awards leading innovations worldwide across industries in the B2B and B2C categories. It aims to honor outstanding products that stand for their user-centricity and added value compared to previous solutions in the market. As a result, different innovations across all industrial sectors are recognized for shaping the future of our lives from all perspectives.

The awards include over 40 categories that shed light on innovation and technology advances in a wide range of industries.

The German Innovation Awards winners for this year were announced on May 23rd, 2023, at Futurium in Berlin. The ceremony gathered national and international companies and organizations to celebrate the participants' technological and innovation achievements. Among the selected winners, our product, the Skinetic vest, earned a Special Mention in the "Retail & Trade Solutions" category.

Skinetic is a haptic vest developed by the French start-up Actronika, specializing in haptics or the science of touch. This vest allows users to engage with digital experiences in a whole new way using the sense of touch. Imagine the possibilities for an immersive marketing campaign in physical stores, for example, specifically designed for a hiking clothing brand.

With Skinetic, customers can embark on a virtual adventure, exploring towering mountains and breathtaking vistas. As they navigate through the campaign, all it takes is wearing the Skinetic haptic vest to unlock a whole new level of multi-sensory experiences. Users will not only see the virtual landscapes but also feel the wind rushing against their skin, experience the sensation of a river flowing around their bodies, and even embrace the refreshing touch of raindrops.

You can now bring a new dimension to the traditional shopping experience, providing a captivating and interactive way for customers to explore and engage with your brand using Skinetic. Whether for retail, gaming, training, or event marketing, companies can now re-engage with their customers through the sense of touch.

You can find the announcement in the German Innovation Award website here

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