Skinetic Creators Edition

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With years of expertise in haptics (the science of touch), Actronika has created a device that allows you to feel more real-life sensations for unique virtual experiences: the Skinetic vest. It brings a totally immersive experience: the user can feel every drop of rain in a storm, the wind near a cliff, or even the impact of bullets.


- 1x Skinetic - Creators Edition
- 1x Battery + Charger
- 1x Washable Inner-layer
- 1x USB Cable - 5m


- 20 high-definition haptic channels
- Connectivity:
USB - multi-channel audio card
Bluetooth 5.1 - embedded haptic synthesizers

- Size: One for all!
From XS to XXL with adjustements points on shoulders and sides


Winter 2022


10% of the total price to reserve the vest, the rest when the vest is ready to be shipped.

Reserve Skinetic for €58.99 (10% now, 90% at delivery)


- Battery + charger (+150€): Battery, with his holster and the battery charger to allow wireless power supply. If you don't have VIVE Wireless adapter and for a full wireless use, please consider add-on "Full wireless accessories" instead.
Full wireless accessories (+250€): Dongle and embedded hardware add-on in HSD-20 control board to allow wireless communication, include all the components of the "Battery + charger" add-on. Allow you a full wireless experience with Skinetic.

- Hot-shoe adapter 1/4" (+10€): Hot Shoe to 1/4" Male Post Adapter, to install tracker on HSD-20 casing.
- Additional inner mesh (+10€): Inner mesh washable supplementary for multi-users session.

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